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China Hot Pot Industry Development Conference


China Hot Pot Industry Development Conference

On May 27-29, 2019, the China Hot Pot Industry Development Conference was held as one of the important events of the SHCE CHINA exhibition at the Radisson Blu Hotel Shanghai Hongqiao. It attracted more than 800 people from Haidilao, Liu Yishou, Xiaolongkan, Qiuqiuqiu, and Xiongxia to participate in this conference. The conference launched the blue book of China Cuisine Association's "2019 Chinese Hot Pot Industry Development Report", which contains the Chinese hot pot industry in 2018. Development report, development trend of Chinese hot pot industry, research and analysis of Chinese hot pot benchmarking enterprises, 2019 China hot pot industry human resources report and other analysis reports, for enterprises to judge the future development direction, analyze how to upgrade to deal with the current industry dynamic environment and enhance competitiveness! The conference gathered together industry elites, experts and scholars to focus on the multi-layered perspective of the hot pot new home, and explored a number of issues such as corporate brand marketing, product creation, supply chain coordination, and capital empowerment. In-depth interpretation of industry policy information, mining the pain point of the enterprise, and making forward-looking thinking on the road of innovation and development of the hot pot industry.

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