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Prime Minister Li Keqiang signed large beef agreement during visit to Australia


 Australian Prime Minister Turnbull and Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang have reached agreement to expand access of frozen meat market from 11 enterprises to all qualified Australian exporters during the meeting on Mar 24, which is part of the new phase of China-Australia Free Trade Agreement lasted for more than a year.


The expanding Chinese middle-class has unsatisfied desire for Australian meat, now there are 36 added Australian meat exporters will be granted special access right to provide steak to Chinese people, which is an extension of China-Australia Free Trade Agreement. Australia’s beef export to China has reached 300 million dollars per year.   

Turnbull told reporters that Australia is the only country in the world to acquire market access of this kind. The new agreement will drive huge increase in the future. The minister of agriculture    Barnaby Joyce said Australia is also about to sell donkey meat to China and promote kangaroo meat export as well.

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