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Indian seafood exports could exceed $6 billion


 India's seafood exports could pass the $6 billion (€5.1 billion) threshold, thanks to rising global demand for its shrimp, reports the Economic Times. 

The subcontinent exported a record high $5.78 billion (€4.95 billion) in the 2016-2017 fiscal year, and shrimp accounted for 70 percent of the value. 
"Our shrimps are enjoying good acceptance in the US," said Kenny Thomas, exporter and vice president of Seafood Exporters Association of India. 
Thanks to the drop in shrimp production in Thailand and other parts of Asia due to disease, Indian shrimp has been dominating the US market, the news site said. 
Once the other producers get back on their feet, Thomas is confident demand for India's shrimp will stay stable. 
"There is no threat even if Thailand recovers its production fully as our shrimps enjoy good recall value now," Thomas said.


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