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For the catering industry suppliers who want to directly contact domestic and foreign buyers and reach business cooperation, participating in the Shanghai International Hot Pot Industry Expo (SHCE) is an effective way to achieve their goals.
The SHCE-Shanghai International Hot Pot Industry Expo provides a unique business opportunity for catering industry suppliers to directly contact target buyers around the world, establish business contacts and improve sales performance.
Major Exhibits
Frozen treated food: hotpot prepare food product, frozen meat of poultries product; frozen aquatic product, quick-frozen flour and rice product, product wrapped in flour, cooked food products, fruit and vegetable product, barbecue (smudging) product, hotpot soup base, etc.
Raw materials& indirect materials: frozen food raw material, burdening, condiment, food additives, etc.
Hotpot condiment: red meat, hotpot condiment sauce, unique product(seafood, staple food), grease and sesame paste(pomade, sesame paste, wolfberry oil),etc.
Surimi& mince product: suitable for frozen fish, shrimp, crab and other balls, refrigerate sausage, sauce meatballs, etc.
Hotpot related equipment: induction cooker, dish-washing machine, food processing equipment, packaging equipment, quick freezing equipment, hotpot processing related set equipment, Chinese and western kitchen equipment, stainless steel cookers, frozen food cabinet and hotpot tables and chairs, etc.
Famous hotpot and catering chain franchise: hotpot chain enterprises, Chinese food chain enterprises, western food chain enterprises, fast food chain enterprises, ice product chain enterprises and service, cash, order system,  supplementary business such as clothing, condiment, kitchen ware, restaurant decoration, etc.
Target Audiences
International Related Organizations and Associations, Foreign Institutions in China, International Trade and Commerce Institutions in China, Sourcing Offices in China of International Buyers, etc.
Hotpot and catering chain enterprises, importers, producers, dealers and related suppliers of hotpot and catering food material area, etc.
Investors, alliance businesses, financing institution, Commercial real estate developers, proprietors, property management companies, hotel operators, training institution, hotel design enterprises, etc.
E-commerce industry: website designer of hotpot and catering area, investor of these websites.
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Please book the Shanghai International Hot Pot Industry Expo immediately, reserve the best position as soon as possible, strive for maximum exposure, lead the competition, and explore unlimited business opportunities.
To book a booth at the SHCE CHINA 2020 Sourcing Fair, or for more information, please email us immediately at info@goldenexpo.com.cn or use the contact methods below to book your booth
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