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China Hotpot Industry Development Conference 2020
Shanghai International Hotpot Innovation Trade Fair
Oct 20-22, 2020 | National Exhibition and Convention Center-Hongqiao·Shanghai
About SHCE
Shanghai International Hotpot Industry Exhibition (SHCE) was successfully held in the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) from May 29 to 31, 2019, which is the highest-level professional procurement event in the hotpot industry in China, with about 50,000 square meters exhibition area, total 1166 booths and the participation of 766 hotpot franchise companies, hotpot supply chain companies and excellent suppliers in the food field from home and abroad, and 72,656 professional visitors. The three-day event has witnessed the remarkable achievements of exhibitors, which marks that SHCE has grown to a leading professional trade event in the hotpot field in China. The exhibition, themed “China on the tip of the hotpot”, brings together hotpot business throughout the whole chain by promoting the exchange and cooperation of major six sectors of the catering industry, including hotpot basic condiment and seasoning, hotpot special ingredients and products, frozen food and raw materials & indirect materials, relative hotpot equipment, famous hotpot brands and chain franchise. Along with the exhibition, there were China Hotpot Industry Development Conference,World’s Sichuan Hotpot Banquet Competition, Sichuan Hotpot Chain Merchants Franchising Meeting and Excellent Suppliers Promotion, which established an effective and efficient communication platform for hotpot enterprises to learn the current consumption situation and development trend.
About Shanghai International Hotpot Innovation Trade Fair
As the most important event in the field of hotpot industry in China, the conference aims to “share resources and win the future together” with the theme of “aggregate and change, share the blue”, and faces the industry and services enterprises, which leads the national hotpot industry to a new stage of high quality development. The conference will brings together top 100 hotpot enterprises across the country and famous domestic and foreign hotpot supply service brands and overseas merchants from nearly 50 countries and regions around the world to attend the conference. With the hot topic of current industry development through industry experts and entrepreneurs, the conference will focus on consumer upgrades, new retail, e-commerce, capital empowerment, brand symbols and other multi-dimensional, multi-angle discussions to explore the innovation of hotpot industry under the new economic formation. At the same time, it brings many new technologies, new equipment, new ingredients and new products to the industry to help the innovative development of the hotpot industry. The conference will also release the list of the top 100 hotpot enterprises and top 200 stores in 2019, as well as the hotpot representative brands that are popular among consumers. Through the window of the China Hotpot Industry Development Conference, it will show the new strength of the hotpot industry, perceive the new culture of the hotpot industry, understand the new categories of hotpot industry, and dock new hotpot products to achieve the integration of the North and the South, shared wisdom and build a resource platform for learning promotion and joint innovation.
About World’s Sichuan Hotpot Banquet Competition
The World’s Sichuan Hotpot Banquet Competition is under external promotion to carry forward the Chinese hotpot culture, to enhance the cultural exchange of the hotpot in Shanghai, Sichuan and Chongqing, and to promote the spread of Sichuan hotpot food. It shows the cultural characteristics of Shanghai, Sichuan and Chongqing hotpot. The hotpot enterprises and hotpot supply chain enterprises in the competition are from Shanghai, Sichuan, Chongqing, Ningbo and other regions. There were a wide variety of banquets for the 
competition and the competition was fierce. According to the standard and characteristics of the hotpot banquets,3 "Famous Hotpot",5 "Gold Hotpot",13 "Red Hotpot" and other awards are awarded. The purposes of the competition are to promote mutual learning and exchange for hotpot enterprises in Shanghai, Sichuan and Chongqing, to spread the hotpot culture, to promote the rapid development of hotpot to the world, to expand the development space of hotpot enterprises, and to inject new strength into the development of hotpot.
Win-win co-operation
In order to provide a better communication platform for publicity, display and cooperation for the development of hotpot and catering industry at home and abroad, China Hotpot Industry Development Conference hosted by Chinese Cuisine Association and Shanghai International Hotpot Innovation Trade Fair hosted by Golden Commercial will jointly hold on Oct 20-22,2020 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center. The exhibition covers an area of more than 60,000 square meters. There are six major thematic sectors , including frozen prepared foods, raw materials, hotpot seasoning, surimi & mince product ,hotpot related equipment and hotpot chain enterprises ,which cover the entire industry chain. The exhibition will rely on Shanghai's unique geographical advantages and huge market demand to create a top influential professional procurement event of hotpot industry in the Asia-Pacific region. We hope that the exhibition will help the supply chain enterprises in the field of hotpot and catering at home and abroad to grasp the innovative forms, consumption status and development trends, and establish correct corporate strategic decisions. At that time, it will attract hundreds of thousands of hotpot and catering professionals from all over the country to gather in Shanghai to discuss the development on the tip of the hotpot in China.
Concurrent Activities
Along with exhibition, the concurrent events include Shanghai Section of Global Competition of Sichuan Hotpot, Hotpot Seasoning Fried Competition, Trade-Import Food Policy and Laws & Regulations Exchange, Import and Export Food Declaration and Inspection Policy Forum,China Wine Rating System for Global Wine (CWE) Assessment, China-France Beef Trade Communion, China-Australia Livestock Trade and Law & Regulation Meeting, China-Spain Beef and Mutton Technology Trade Exchange, China Import Food Tasting Meeting,Central Kitchen Innovation Forum, Microwave Heating and Catering Packaging Materials Summit, Cold Chain Logistics and Catering Supply Chain Development Forum, Excellent Chef Culinary Creative Championship, Catering New Retail Business Conference and Travel Catering buyers meeting,Imported Food Buyers Fair,etc.
Major Exhibits
•Hotpot condiment and seasoning: Hotpot condiment(dry pot / take-up food / mala Tang / beef and mutton fish bottom
material, etc.), dip, bean paste, oil and sesame sauce, sesame oil, chili oil, pepper oil, etc.;
•Hot pot special ingredients and products: beef and mutton, seafood, fish and meat products, meatballs, mushrooms,
hairy belly, venetian, yellow throat, duck goose intestines, duck blood, vermicelli noodles, vegetables, meatballs, hot pot
noodles, Bean products, etc.
•Frozen treated food: hotpot prepare food product, frozen meat of poultries product; frozen aquatic product, quick-frozen flour
and rice product,product wrapped in flour, cooked food products, fruit and vegetable product, barbecue (smudging) product.
•Raw materials&indirect materials: frozen food raw material, burdening,spices, food additives, etc.
•Hot pot drinks: alcoholic drinks (white wine, rice wine, beer, etc.), non-alcoholic drinks (herbal tea, carbonated drinks, etc.),
current drinks, ice cream desserts, etc.
•Hotpot related equipmen: induction cooker, dish-washing machine, food processing equipment, packaging equipment,
quick freezing equipment,hotpot processing related set equipment, Chinese and western kitchen equipment, stainless steel
cookers, frozen food cabinet and hotpot tablesand chairs, etc.
•Famous hotpot and catering chain franchise:hotpot chain enterprises, Chinese food chain enterprises, western food
chain enterprises, fast foodchain enterprises, ice product chain enterprises and service, cash, order system, supplementary
business such as clothing, condiment, kitchenware, restaurant decor.
Target Audiences
International Related Organizations and Associations, Foreign Institutions in China, International Trade and Commerce Institutions in China, Sourcing Offices in China of International Buyers, etc.
Hotpot and catering chain enterprises, importers, producers, dealers and related suppliers of hotpot and catering food material area, etc.
Investors, alliance businesses, financing institution, Commercial real estate developers, proprietors, property management companies, hotel operators, training institution, hotel design enterprises, etc.
E-commerce industry: website designer of hotpot and catering area, investor of these websites.
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